Over the years, I've experimented with pushing past the documentation of DC/Adapters. How, I've wondered, can this project encourage and help people to participate in flag adaptation and maybe even make life in the District a little more just and beautiful than it already is?

Consider engaging with and contributing to DC/Adapters:

  • Watch Downloading Statehood, my short video about D.C. flag adaptation and consider how you can use the flag to visually argue for statehood.
  • When you're out and about, and you see an adapted flag, take a photo and share it with me at dcadapters@gmail.com
  • Contact me if you have ideas for this project or collaborations. Keep an eye on this space for future actions. The pandemic slowed down a big sticker campaign I was planning with Jesse Flores and Noah Martin of FM-31, but I hope to return to it soon.
  • If nothing else, become more sensitive to the visual language of D.C. — or your city or town if you live somewhere else — and consider how that visual language can be a force for good.
Matt in front of DC Flag